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About Us
Over time and sometimes through wilderness wanderings God brought us together: a former Minister in Arts and Media, Press Secretary to a US Senator, media and education specialist; a former mega church Minister of Education, conference leader, programmer; an IBM programmer/media specialist; a project manager, software trainer; Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran; black and white; male and female. God brought us together with a vision of creating a place where spiritual leaders could share locally developed resources for ministry.

We believe that God gifts local spiritual leaders to produce ministry resources that are truly inspired, resources that can be of special help to individuals and ministries everywhere.

We believe that every Christian spiritual leader in God’s guidance produces ministry resources that will help others in their spiritual journey.
We believe that every person on spiritual journey longs to know the authentic experience of fellow travelers.

In the spirit of servanthood, we offer this portal as a way to share resources with each other, from one local ministry leader to another, resources to support the ministries of the Christian community. Collaboration through a site like this makes it easy to discover the thoughts of others on a given lectionary topic. We are living in a marketplace of ideas easily recorded and transmitted and shared. We can now be blessed and inspired by knowing how God is at work in local settings around the world.

This web portal is also a commercial marketplace of resources. We wonder aloud how many choir directors have original music in their files that will never be published commercially. Well, here’s a place to publish without the time requirements and financial barriers of print media. Because many resources have measurable value, whether music, sermon notes, essays, novels, commentaries, journal articles, podcasts, videos and the like, this is a place to market and sell.

There are other stealth personages behind the creation of this site who may be visible from time to time but, in the end, this is not about us. This site is for you and we hope you will join many others in Christian ministry as together this becomes the place to find and share resources for local ministry, resources that enlarge and enhance your work in God’s kingdom.

Insight Christian Ministries allows ministry leaders to find and to share originally-created resources for ministries and provides a time-saving and focused gateway to the web for ministry leaders.
If you have created ministry resources, especially in the areas of Christian love, Jesus, church, Christian music, church resources, spiritual formation, transformation spiritual formation, church marketing resources, church marketing strategies, scholarly resources, church administration resources, prayer, senior adults, home church, youth group resources, or church leadership resources, we would love to talk with you. Contact us at

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